#WEARYOURGOLFS | Golf Campaign SS19
Collaborative project w/ Reggie Blanchard & Andrew Schuster
#WEARYOURGOLFS is a fictional ad campaign for Golf Le Fleur, Tyler the Creator's brand sector of Converse. The campaign explores the concept of going out and getting your Golf's dirty in order to experience the change in weather. Texture is implemented, such as grass, dirt, and sunflowers paired with torn paper to represent the grit behind wearing your shoes everywhere.
Augmented Posters
The series of augmented posters created for this campaign combine elements of collage and stop motion photography. The crumpling animation utilizes stop motion to emulate flowers blooming for the coming of spring. All of these elements come together to create an environment in each poster, bringing them to life while revealing the campaigns message at the end.
Motion Graphic
A motion graphic was created to showcase Golf Le Fleur through a fast and dynamic sequence that utilizes all of the textures and stop motion animation.
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