The Spotlight for RedBull® Media
The Spotlight is a content series that gives RedBull ambassadors the opportunity to spotlight organizations, businesses, community groups, and/or individuals raising awareness and driving progression in mental health, environmentalism, and/or diversity & inclusion. 

Collaboration with Andrew Schuster. Brand Identity, Typography, Art Direction, Web Design.
Vision Board
When in the ideation stage, our main focus was to juxtapose the flat nature of a web-based article and apply a physical realness and dimension to it. The article itself needed to have elements that jumped off the page, and register as more than just type and image. 

In our explorations, Andrew and I developed different options for the main mark, editorial website mockups, different elements and shapes for the client to play with, as well as 3 custom / manipulated typefaces for RedBull® to use throughout their editorial campaign. 
Logo Mark + Alternates
Website Editorial Mocks
Editorial Images used by RedBull®
Photo: ©Ysanya Perez
Photo: ©DreamPlay Media
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