Pang©: Conceptual Online Service
Pang© is a conceptual online service that allows its user to go back in time to fix a meager negative interaction that has happened in their life. Focusing on the irony of how small events can affect a person and the anxiety that comes with it, Pang acts as a quick fix for people who overanalyze situations in their head. This service only appears when needed, almost out of thin air, creating the illusion that Pang is just what the person needs during their time of distress. ​​​​​​​
The Pang Viewer allows a user to see who an ideal candidate for the service might be. This particular case exudes certain lonely qualities and lets his past events cloud his subconscious. This inability to move on from past events has hindered his ability to make new connections, thus leaving him an outcast from society. His thoughts of the past hinder his ability to make new connections in the present. Everyone is different, which is something that Pang understands. 

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