MetroGuard: Product Design & Branding
MetroGuard is a fictional product and brand designed to limit contact with foreign objects. Using nano-technology, the bracelet emits an invisible shield that protects the users hand from 100% of pathogens transferred from casual contact.  Designed as a personal solution to germophobia, the device was designed with the commuter in mind, as well as people who work in hospitals, schools, or anyone looking to limit their contact with outside objects and prevent illness. 
Product Design
The device works by utilizing nano-technology to emit an invisible shield around the hand in order to protect from foreign pathogens. The emitters on the bracelet provide full and fluid coverage of the hand, and the discreet nature of the shield is a perfect solution for those self-conscious of their actions to further protect against illness. 
The design process involved research and ideation. Addressing the concept of "fixing an issue within yourself" allowed for the conceptualization of a device to protect anyone from germs. Influence was drawn from comic books for the technology design, and clean branding for the packaging and identity. The minimal branding emulates a sense of cleanliness and purity. 
The M-193 bracelet was designed in Maya and 3D printed using the Formlabs Heat-Activated Resin printer. ​​​​​​​

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